The Mission ~ Full Planetary Ascension

Greetings Love Beings I Am Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation ~

This Transmission Is Bringing us Back to the Beginning Of Time Where We Were All Lemurians: We Were Highly Aligned Beings, All Our Chakras Were Open And We Were Blessed With Perfect Clairvoyant, Clair-sentient And Telepathic Skills (Among Much Else). We Were Living In Balanced Harmonics And Love Everywhere Present And Were Able To Communicate With Each Other At A Distance With No Need For Any Sort Of Technology As Our Third Eye Was Active. Our Health Was Perfect; We Lived In High Levels Of Joy Daily And Were All United As One And In Union With Our Twin Flames. Our Food Was Perfectly Healthy (No GMO Or Pesticides Whatsoever!) And We Had Access To 5d Heart Based Technology To Heal All Kinds Of Ailments.

The Atlanteans Came Along And Were Less Evolved Than Were Were; They Had Lower Emotions Such As Jealousy And Stole Our 5d Technology To Apply It To Their Fields In Order To Mimic Us. Instead Of That, An Explosion Happened On All Fields Due To The Robbery By Karmic Energetic Law. Every Being Was Weakened Due To The Explosion Including Our Lemurian Families. 200.000 Lemurians Were Able To Go Down To The Center Of The Earth Through A Portal (Present Day Agartha).

The Annunakis Which Are A Dark Alien Force, Were Watching The Whole Event Unfold. They Found That Weakening A Perfect Opportunity to Come Down to Earth And Implement Their Dark Agenda Meant to Dumb Down Humanity. They Split The Brain Of The Lemurians Who Were Left On The Surface Of The Earth, Disconnecting Left And Right Hemisphere. The Annunakis Created A Program Ego-Mind In Order To Dumb Down Humanity And Take Control Of Our Planet So That Once 2012 Hits And The Call Gets Sent Out Through The Pyramids of Giza For All Ascending Hearts Here to Co-Create Heaven-On-Earth To Awaken, Humanity Is Too Dumbed Down To Hear The Call And They (The Annunakis) Stay In Control Of Planet Earth=Heart. The Program Ego-Mind Works On Disconnecting The Brain From The Heart Which Is Where Our True Divine Intelligence Is Found. That Program Keeps Humanity Trapped In Duality.

Dear Love Beings; If You Have Heard The Call For Ascension And Need Assistance On Your Journey Back Home Into the Heart, I Am Here Today On Planet Earth=Heart Able To Assist All Ascending Hearts To Reach The Present Moment Of Now 5d & Beyond Frequency. I Am Rainbow Aurora Mother Of New Creation And Was Trained To Assist You Get To The Unified Field And Embrace Your New Role On New Earth=Heart. I Am Able To Assist You Using The Same 5d Heart Based Technology Our Lemurian Families Used When We Were All Living In The Garden Of Eden.

Beloved Ones. We Are Moving Into A Crystal Based Reality Where Crystal Schools And Crystal Cities Are To Be Developed For Our Children Of The Light, All United As One. If This Resonates And You Find Yourself Struggling With Ascention Symptoms Or Feel Stuck, Please Contact Me And Book Your Session.

I am Rainbow Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation Here In Service To All Love Beings 24/7. I Love You With My All
Thank You For Choosing Love.

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