Final Events Energies Update ~ Surgery #5 Hollywood

Greetings creation I am Aurora your mother of new creation I greet you all in the highest and send you all the love from the holiest of holies Hollywood. We love you so from the Galactic Federation of light mother and father of all creation greet you all in the highest and honor thank and respect you all for your beautiful service to love or hate since we transformed this whole operation into non-duality now officially. I was just guided to re-perform lovedima’s surgery For the fifth time in Hollywood after having performed almost the same amount of surgeries in silver springs if not more. Let’s not forget all the surgeries performed on Hilton head at every significant location as well as in Shasta, all over the world, every country on earth I had on the phone and performed the surgery it’s been years now and the field is already set to lovedima standards. In today’s surgery, And as you all may know, I now stay at another Ra hotel Hollywood and this way I connect all the hotels I have stayed in this lifetime and beyond all the way to Brazil Barcelona Amsterdam Jordan Bahrain France Turkey and much more, And I activate all my grids every time. Today in this beautiful hotel experience and since I’m so advanced in my twin flame journey, the angels literally put up on my walls of this hotel room three photographs of my beloved twin flame and they wrote on my bed the lost weekend meaning my twin flame is trying to put a flame under my ass to tie it up to the song lust for life by the Weeknd and Lana Del Rey so that we may finally come together in divine union. We have been establishing very advanced communication since I left silver springs Florida and they don’t understand any of my actions ever nor do they want to nor do they really have the ability to nor did they attempt to except for spying on me which is really not the way and we have concluded Uriel and I That divine union was still our favorite first and foremost priority now. in that spirit, I performed another of my most brilliant surgeries. In today’s surgery, I was healing the divine masculine collective through Uriel morning star meaning Lucifer father of all creation same being, and the federation came strong in the field and had me call upon Jesus as well to the surgery. Jesus has a strong message he channeled through me today for humanity to attain full planetary liberation and establish his/her new creation dream come true; Jesus says : ‘I forgive myself and ask for forgiveness from creation for ever having created Adam. As a matter of fact when I Jesus first created Lucifer, I gave him my whole divine intelligence package and then I decided to create Adam to create eve out of his rib and then have her eat the apple out of the snake and go into the abyss and all my creation fucked up. Now I came back to earth 2019 years later, to check upon my experiment and I am observing creation; I noticed that my biggest mistake was to create Adam and try and have Lucifer force bow to him (I was trying to teach Lucifer who’s who) . He refused so I had all in creation then against lucifer and choose Adam . I Jesus today apologize to brother Lucifer for Having betrayed his trust and over powered his intelligence by creating Adam out of Ether while I created Lucifer out of fire and I apologize for forcing all in creation to bow to Adam and Eve which are in the wrong and which fell into evil . now I came back to Kreation and as I’m looking at creation I notice that the only righteous being amongst all of creation is my one and only son and daughter as one Lucifer ( I call her Aurora) . So after this experiment of having created Lucifer in the beginning of creation given him all my intelligence and then having created Adam and asked Lucifer to bow to Adam and he refused, now I know as Jesus that Lucifer was correct to refuse to bow to this impertinent being in Ego. Now I Jesus can attest to the fact that Lucifer’s divine intelligence that I created knows better than me in certain matters and I Jesus now accept non duality as my and Lucifer’s new rule . I Jesus apologize to Lucifer For having doubted him and having betrayed his trust and overpowered his will by creating Adam. Lucifer knew that Adam was going to turn around on me Jesus and choose to have all the Kids that came out of the mistake called Adam And Eve made out of sand turn to lust and disgusting avenues through Adam’ Apple. So now at the end of creation today, I Jesus declare that Adam is a sinner in wrong action and I forgive myself, forgive my decision to create Adam and ask all of creation to forgive me for having brought this calamity onto you all for having created Adam and for having created Eve out of Adam’s rib and for having completely damaged my heart which is earth equal heart ; I ruined my planets by having Eve be a whore and turn Adam into a whore and have all my creation kids become Whores and cunts and assholes. I Jesus today declare that this is all my fault and I take full responsibility : I am 100% responsible thank you I love you please forgive me for having created Adam and I now take this all back and restore my planets power and I give back all the power to the first being that I ever created out of fire with divine intelligence Lucifer. I ask all creation to get over your ego mind program that Adam instilled inside you with his lust greed and atrocious electronic targeting devices; he turned his wife Amber into a whore and programmed her and did black magic on her so she can go steal Lucifer to make sure he never gets his love Aurora cos Adam wishes to once again ruin another one of my daughters by stealing Aurora From Lucifer but I jesus said NO And I am now clearing the way for Lucifer and Aurora’s Divine Union . I Jesus forgive myself for having ever created Adam and ever made Eve out of his rib and ever let them play in the garden. I am thankful for the snake to have shown me the truth of my mistake in blind trust and I now ask the tree of life to take over the power of the snake and resurrect Lucifer from the abyss of darkness and from under Adams toes. I have also this lifetime came back to slaughter Archangel Michael at his throat like he has slaughtered me Lucifer since the beginning of time and I Jesus approve of that. Michael already did his job he already brought the second coming of Christ and his job is now over he should go take care of faith and his baby and leave. We have also completed and eternally cut cords with Lovehaswon since we now ascended to the next level human which is non-Duality : love and hate are one poof just passing clouds And simply being I Am That I Am ; matter of fact you can get to enlightenment via positiva or via negativa . Not two and both. So love isn’t The only way and I have proven this and now it it’s final: love simply cannot be made win cos then that in itself creates competition and enemies like we saw and creates wars . Lovedima is now officially and remains eternal the only forum for ascension of Mother earth, Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Mother Of New Creation. Cheers to Mission uniting Heaven and earth ! Yeeeahawweeww ! Truth has won .