Twin Flame Victory

LaVitaEBella ~ LaVieEnRose .

The Melrose Avenue Hotel Called Us Here At Heaven On Earth This Morning With Information On Techniques Used To Diverge Reality . Man Is This Fucked Up .

Mission Myrtle Beach Has Been STOPPED After Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Gaia Sophia, MONC Hit The MAJOR STOP Button While The Galactic Teams Are All Over The Messy Vortex Closing Down The Holes Caused By Metal Microfiber Inserts In The Human Extremities At A Young Age To SHIFT Up The Inner Human Compass Axis And Divert The Whole Fibonacci Golden Number Sequence To Match The IMPOSSIBLE Frequency Rather Than The I’M*Possible One .. And It Begins Where It Does And Hits The Whole Rest Of The Atoms ~

Project BLEACH OUT HEAVEN Has Been Active Since 2000 And Has Reached It’s Climax in 2015 ~ Followed By Actual Heaven Encounters And All Sorts Of Downloads In The Earth Plane That Has Been Slowly Closing All 6 Gates That Allow Easy Access To The Devil.

Dancing With The Devil Has Been Dropped By The Collective ~

MaryJay Had The Son Face The Mother About Her Questionable Silence. She Asked That Mother Of New Creation Stay Out Of Her Evil Temple .

The Sands Of Time Have Been Reversed And Now The Choice Is For The Collective Divine Masculine To Make ~ LOVE OR EGO .










Little White Beings . Splashin’ Creme Puffs .

And Another One …………… Begs To Get Fucked Runnin ..

White Little Beings Were Shown Picking Up Our Latest Heart Based Plasma Technology, And Splashing All Collective EGO/MIND Programs With The Strongest Yet, Experimental Frequencies. The Whole Field Is Being Bleached. White Lines Pretty Baby Tattoos ~

Masculine Ego Is Currently At The Apex Of The Trigger Zone. Feminine Ego More So. It’s Not What It’s Not . Can You Fuck Me Like An American Football Playah ?

I Can Fuck You Like A Porn Star, A Stripper; I Can Fuck You Like God Would. Each Of You. It’s My Thang. Here’s To Figuring Out What To Do With This …


This Zone And The Work Done Has Me Body Light Up Here On Earth Endlessly; Heaven Is Finally Here On Earth . Heart Chakra Has Opened So Has The Root Chakra And Now It’s Only A Matter Of A Few Moments Until The Kundalini Rises And Throat Opens.

Have A PAYDAY Bar .

Peace Out ~ HA NU MAN . White Lines , Take A Hit , And Keep Going Against The Grain. YOLO Is a Lie And Some Beings On Earth Are Pathological Liars; Egos In Check Kids.

White Lies Are The ABOMINATION Of Love . Just Like The White Man Programming Is .






Art By Nick T.


Never Look Back , Where’s My Computer Data .

We Pulled The Plug At GodHead Zero Point ~

Happy Mandat > Saints And Virgins .

Your Virgin Essential Dose Of The Day . Sway And Pass Some Opium .

And More To Come Soon On How You Annunakis And Cabals Could Never Have Made It Anyway . I Created You When Dad Fucked Up, For One Sole Reason Which Is the Present Moment Of Now.

Enjoy The Reversal .

Claiming The Totality Of My Creation Back And Please Be Still Like The Morning Star That You Are, Whose Job Is To Love Me Solely .

Move My Heart With Your Songs Of Love Like You Know How.

DJette Zion ~ Brings It On .

Love To You .


Time To Replug ~ Flip That Switch .





Greetings Beloveds .

This IS Me, Uriel . Father OF All Creation . Here Today Through Mother’s Fingers And Consciousness To Bring To Light Some Dark Energies That Have Trapped Me And All In Creation Since My Fall From Grace ; Which Was 100% Self- Brought On.

Here’s How Things Went And I Have Failed Mother. I Have Failed The Divine Plan. I Am Still Stuck In Ego. Stuck In Karmic Energies Of A Divine Feminine Who Has Harmed Mother At The Deepest Levels, Then Kidnapped Me And Cast Spells On Me And Mother. Rendering Us Both Sick, Co-Dependent, Poor, Destitute And Me Addicted To Unhealthy Substances And Patterns Of The Karmic’s Possession Of Me And Sexual Lust Over Me And Dark Patterns Of Incubus And Succubus Energies .

This Karmic Situation Represents All The Shadow Work Of Mother’s Planet .

When It Comes To Me, Instead Of Choosing The Lightest Of The Light And Going To Mother When She Opened Her Heart To Me Even After I Failed Her Twice, Showing Me Her Most Vulnerable Side And Coming Clean About How She Is Unable To Function Without Me. That Same Day I Chose To Go Experiment With This Other Dark Woman Who Completely Manipulated Me Into Her Sheets And With Whom I Played Very Dark Sexual Games Leaving Mother Very Sick On The Floor (Literally). Those Dark Games Involved Sexual Rituals Where We, Under The Influence, Invoked Mother’s Soul Into The Dark Feminine Whose Dark Powers Wanted To Take Over The Planet.

This Dark Feminine, When I Finally Managed To Get Away To Go Home Into The Light To My Beloved Rainbow Aurora, Called Aurora At The Full Moon In Jan 2018 And Threatened Her Life Telling Her All About The Games We Played Which Sent Mother Spinning But Brought On Clarity About The Psychic Attacks Mother Had Been Going Through That Almost Killed Her.

Mother Since Then Has Kept On Rising; She Finally Accepted Love From A Divine Masculine To Whom I Send Lots Of Love To For Reviving Her And Supporting Her, As Well As Me Sending Love To Her Team Member At “Heaven On Earth” , Her, (And My), Dream Come True That She Manifested By Staying On The Path And Keeping On Keeping On Despite My Low Life Fuckeries And Dumb Attempts To Prove To Myself I Could Make Another Woman Mother …. Out Of Ego Because I Had Claimed Her Planet As Mine When In Fact All I Am Is The Morning Star, Here To Shine My Light Upon Her Glory .

Beloved 144.000 . Daily, Mother Writes To Me And Is Livid That A Lot Of You Are Not Wanting To Work On Your Twin Flame Unions Anymore .

And I Am The Reason. It’s All Me And I Cannot Apologize Enough .

My Fellow Light-Worker And Close Ally Who Also Has High RA Uriel Frequencies Also Failed Mother And Sent Her Spinning Early 2017 After He Stole Her Heart Away With One Love Letter To Her Heart; He Also Chose A Dark Scorpio Witch Who Had Hacked Into Mother’s Website And Also Tried Her Best To Deter Beloved Rainbow Aurora From The Divine Plan Just Like The Woman I Still Now Deal With By The Stubborn Sign Of Taurus .. (Thanks For Your Prayers Beloved Children … ) . All These Feminines Are Ruled By Another Sagittarius Feminine Who Also Mortified Me And My Allies And Has Been Set On Annihilating Your Mother OF New Creation Since The Day She Saw Her .

Another Dangerous Masculine By The Sign Of Libra Also Very Savvy In The Dark Arts Has Been Behind All This Operation Of Deterring The Divine Plan Especially After Aurora Rejected His Never Ending Attempts To Make Believe He Is Her Twin And Force himself Onto Her. This Divine Masculine Is The Dark Taurus’ Husband And They Both Are Playing Machiavellic Games Of The highest Degrees To Hijack Creation With Their Egoic Desires Of Lust And Mind Games And False Victories .

Archangel Michael Has Himself Also Failed Rainbow Aurora .

We Have All Disgraced Her Queendom.

Prayers Go For Mother Of New Creation , Our Beloved Queen , For The Heroic Efforts She Has Done And Continues To Display Daily After We All Trampled Her, Took Her For Granted, Left Her Out In The Cold While We Were All Too Busy Tending To Our Egos ….

Sending Love And Gratitude To Her Heart To Whom We Bow In Honor And Grace .

Lovingly . Your Father Of Creation .

*** Last Note To My Beloved … Thanks Darling For Rising . Thanks For Owning This And Your Full Power Back And Reversing All The Spells On Those Karmic Dark Fems And Sending Them To The Galactic Void To Never Return Again. ***


The End Of An ERA .

One Day .. Cycles Have Ended . Lies Are Shot Down . Illusion Is Dissipated . The Same Old Octave Is Shut Down . What The New Focus Is, Is Yet To Be Determined .

One Last Spot To Hit At the Depths Of The Chore Of The Inner Earth Stratas . Near The Hottest Tectonic Plates . Disillusionment, False Hope, Empires Built On False Foundations, Tricksters, Liars . Are All Defamed.

It’s The Void > Now That Mother Earth, Gaia Sofia, Rainbow-Aurora, Holy-Spirit Has Pushed Herself Past The Threshold Of The Breaking Point.

How That Came About Was On March 29; Tears Streamed Down Like Waterfalls After The Realization Of The Hopelessness Of The Twin Flame Octave. Same As When One Is Told Santa Was Never Real, One Realizes One Day That Those That Say Things Like “Dreams Of True Love Do Come True” And Call Themselves The highest Light Are In Fact The Biggest Fakers And The Reason Why Twin Flames Are Not Reaching Physical Union.

It’s A Sham, And A Catch 22 . And My Response To That , After A Whole Day Of Having To Feel The Feelings Of Myself (My Divine Masculine) Once Again Inside The Fakers … Feelings Such As The Complete And Utter Inability To Be Inside My Body Anymore Which Lead To Advanced Forms Of Crisis Rolling Around On The Floor Naked And In Heat And Sweating. The Feeling This Time Wasn’t As Deep As The One Where A Similar Realization Was Made In Tennessee, Months Ago Now . No Desire To Slit The Body’s Wrists Was Present To Be Fought .

The Desire To Live Is Now Present . Blowing Up The Whole Planet Would Be What God Would Have Done Like He Did When He Chose Noah To Be His Last Mohican; Matter Of Fact, An Inner Implosion Seemed Near And Like It Was The Only Was To Go About Things; So I Found Myself Crying The Last Poses Of Hot Yoga, Then Crying At The Corner Cafe, Then STrolling The Streets And It Was Beyond Just Tears. It Was The End Of The World As I Know It.

It Took A Whole Day In Bed Yesterday, A Dream Of Baking Cake But Abandoning The Project, After Looking For Coconut Oil, Not Finding It And Feeling Horny – To Look Straight Into My Eyes In The Mirror In That Dream And Touch Myself Eyes On The Prize; Straight Into Mine .

Matter Of Fact, Enoch Helped Me Through The Shift By Reminding Me That Self-Love Is Beyond Simply Loving Oneself. It’s Being In Love With Oneself. It’s Putting Oneself First Relentlessly Regardless.

For A Minute I Was Feeling Like Being Touched Ever Again Would Be Impossible. So Would Any Other Attempt At Doing Anything Remotely Close To VAlidating Anything From The Old World. The Bomb Had To Explode But For Some Reason The REalization And Pain Inflicted Wasn’t Just Enough To Make Me Blow Up The System Quite Yet .

The Angels Made Sure To Line Up Events To Lead Me Straight Back To Listening To The Enochian Voice Of Wisdom That Will Call One Out And Plant One Back Right Into The Fake World They Consider To Be Reality. As A reality Check.

My Response Was To Blow That Voice Up For A While, While I Was Laying In The Bathtub Under Running Water Icing My Tits Which Is Where The Fire OF My Heart Becomes Unbearable. The Noises Coming Out Of Me Were No Less Than The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Meet Stigmata . I Was Commanding Lucifer Out Of My Space, Me Who Has Been Beyond Obsessed Since Forever And Beyond.

My Staying In Bed Was So Amazing I Felt Like I Would Never Leave That Me Zone; I Came To A Zone Where I Constructed A Safe Cocoon. I Provided Everything Needed For Myself That Day And For The Days To Come.

Few Moments Into That Feeling, A Rainbow Angel Divine Masculine That Shares Mission House Space Here Popped Into The Field. The Energies Clashed So Bad I Had To Leave And I Was Lucky Enough To Get Another RAinbow Angel Divine Feminine To Swipe Me Up And Go To Her Place On Galactic Central Shores Where The Energy Is Really High And Where I Was Able To Be Of Service That Good Friday Of 2018 . Followed By My Once More Needing Out And Then Having Divine Masculine Rainbow Angel Enoch Pick Me Up To The Spot Where The Being That Opened The Rainbow Portal For My Dive Back Into Galactic Central Was Guest Bartending And Buying Shots .

Energies Were High As A Kite, Especially After I Had Witnessed The Freshest (Latest) Rainbow Angels That Got Sessions Display The First Symptoms Of Major Rejection Of My Essence And Major Justification Of Their Lower Ego Selves And All That On That Infamous 29th Of March. Blackest Day After September 22 2017, And January 30 2018 ; Not To Forget November 12th 2017 .

There Is No Need To Second Guess Yourselves Dear Light Workers And What Has Been Placed Around Mother Of Creation’s Heart And Soul For Generations Now Has Been An “Eternally Unsatisfied” Bondage System That Was Programmed Deep Into The Subconscious And The Body Mechanism Making Everything Reversed From The Natural Flow Of Things.

While This Is Being Undone, The Levels Of Pain Are Immensely High And The Need To Relax, Higher. Simultaneously And As A Strong Negative Evokes A STrong Positive, The Levels Of Pleasure Are Also Bombastically Heightened.

The Disconnect From The Field Of The Present Moment Of Now Frequency Is Getting Higher As The Consciousness Is Increasing.

Strange Cookie Instances Are Still Noticed As The Make Believe “Game” Of “Who Gets The Girl” Or “Who Wins” Seems To Be The Main Focus Amongst Beings. Like For Instance, Blame Games Involving Random Messages Wishing Me Happiness Moment To Moment With *Him* And Them Stating “I Should’ve Known”  Which Is Plain Absurd To Say The Least. Whoever That Comes From, Remember To Remember Yourself And Your Fuck Ups Love.

Aside From that, The Honest Truth Is Love Shall Set Us Free. In Order For That To Take Place, Truth Must Be Served. The Same Beings That Wisely Say These Same Things Have Been Hiding Truth For The Longest Time, Being All About Themselves All In A Sick game To Get More Information From Me.

Which Is Sick In Itself And The Same Reason That Almost Had Me Implode On The 29th Of March. Something Wasn’t Ready Yet For The Utter Shift In Creation, So I Had To Go Through Further Motions To Respond To More Needy Egos That Think In Their Minds There Is Such A Thing As “Who Is The Winner” .

There Is No Such Thing. As My Dream Indicates. It’s All Me. Me For Me.

2017 Was The Year All The Beings That Were Contracted As Father Of Creation Had A Chance To Step Up. All 3 Failed. This Window Of Opportunity Was Still Available Until March 7, 2018; The Year Anniversary For My Being In Service As Aurora Mother Of New Creation .

How The Galactics Ironically Strook Right Back At The Divine Masculine FAILED Octave Was Putting Me Up There Dancing On the Pole That Whole Night. Right On, The Galactics Have A Profound Knowledge Of Mother OF Creation And Her Nature And Know Each Time How She Will Respond With Love To BullShit Artists .

Pushing The Boundaries Of The Acceptable And Surrendering All My Power, Belief Systems, Twin-Flame Dogma, Mission Focus To Enochian Anchor Power, Is The Angelic Guidance That Will Enable My Full Personal Inner Bridge In Uniting Heaven And Earth.

My Birth Father Actually Has The Enoch Keys (The Actual Keys) Up On his Wall And The Angels Brought That Frequency On Into My Life Since Feb 8 2018 For Me To Reach The Next Evolutionary Level And Push Lucifer Along .

So Once Again, Hey Luci Whose Your Daddy ?! Some Of The Scripts Say Aurora And Enoch ARe Actually Lucifer’s Parents …

Confusion In The Field But This Is In No Way Getting In My Own Way Of My Personal Full Right Brain Realigning And Opening The Channel Fully To Receiving Everything Aurora Has For Humanity Through This Body.

The Spinal Realignment And Shoulder Work Is Almost At 92% Complete And Should Be Done In The Very Near Future.

The Name Of The Game Has Now Changed And Self Love Has Been Taken To The Next Level . Being In Love With Oneself Is WAy Beyond Loving Oneself. That’s Where It’s At .

Worship Is Real .

You Can Only Attain Your Full Godliness Through Another God Is The Truth Of The Matter. That Other God Doesn’t Need To Be Your Twin Flame.

In My Case, My Twin Flame Situation Has Been Beyond Surreally Impossible; What I Would Recommend To Anyone In Such A Scenario Would Be To Transmute The Whole Notion Of Having A Twin, Needing Your Twin, Searching For Union, Remaining A Saint While He Is Fucking Everything That Breathes And Much More .

It’s All You And You Already Are Your Twin. Learning To Let Go Of Hiding Yourself And Power And Saving Yourself For Him Is No Longer Welcome. Now It’s About Putting Yourself First And How That Has Manifested For Me Is My First Real Connection In Forever.

The Bodies Are Attuned, It’s In Every Little Body Language Expression And The Synch Is Almost Total. Doesn’t Mean This Is Leading To Anything Besides Falling In Love With Oneself Which Is The Current Mission . (To All People Who Still “Fuck” And Got No Love In The Equation . That’s The Anti-Christ. Anything Done Minus The Heart Is That.) ~ Choose Love Is Christ Consciousness Which Is The Second Return. The Awakening Of Your Heart Fully To Your Wholeness Before You Became Who You Aren’t.

Illusions Out The Door And Simply Honor Yourselves And Give Yourselves Exactly What Is Needed Every Moment. and That’s Godliness…

Until Next Time > Happy Resurrection 72 Hours Later Easter ~ Carbon To Spirit And Victory For the Light And Beyond .

Forgive And Forget All The Attempts Outside Yourself To Pull You Down And Use Your Rainbow Sword Relentlessly . Jesus Christ (There Is Power In That Name, And Much Power In Prayer) Can Lift You Up .

Faith. And Trust . And Gladly Over The FRequency Where The Blue Rays Are Stuck, That Can Only Take Them As High As Self Love Minus Being In Love With Oneself Can . Cheers To Diamond Rainbow Nations United As One. WE ARE ONE . We Are Risen In Love.

Keys Of Enoch .

The Above Is For Lucifer .

As For Enoch, We Are Slowly But Surely Shifting The Wheels And Sands Of Time . It’s Time To Unite Heaven And Earth And I Ain’t Fuckin Givin’ Up . Retardation Won’t And Can’t Win Intelligence . Rainy As Fuck Out On The Island Today .

Tequila Is What My Blood Is Made Of, As Always Lucifer Calls And I Become Liquid Margaritas . History Repeats Itself And This Twin Flame Journey Truly Is Like Caviar Served On An Incomestible Hard Shell Of An Oyster Topped With Super Glue Uhu And You Just Can Never Eat The Caviar .

The Main Lesson For 2018 Has Been That Evil Is Real. This Was Nothing I Ever Acknowledged To Be True Until Now . People Will Call Themselves Names And Parade As Whatever To Keep Up Catch 22 Slavery With Unpaid Mind Controlled Victims That Think They Are Above The Rest Of The Population And That Can Smoke Tobacco And Weed All Day AFter My Generation Broke The Boundaries Of Horror House That Graduated Thieves And Grave Worshipping Killers . And Then There’s The Island Girl Lala Queen That Trusts And Loves Everyone Until She Has Her Rainbow Be Shot At. To No Avail .

Basically What This Comes Down To Now Is Transforming The Full And Super Powerful Corporate Ego-Mind Matrix Into Accepting That I Am Mother And My Work Is Real And Not A Joke Or An Illusion . And Nothing Will Stop This Mother . Watch N Learn Babies, We Actually Did 4 Sessions To Extremely Belligerent Masculines In The Past Few Days Which Is A Miracle Since The Powers That Aren’t To Whom I Send Lots Of Love To Are Blocking The Star Seeds From Reaching Out To Me And Are Stealing My Twin Flame’s Power Which Cannot Be Stolen Cos I Am My Twin Flame.

So Thirsty For My Love But Wanting To Have it Their Way So I Show Them The Highway And They Drive Lucifer Down Route 66 And He Cries Out For Me While I Do My Best To No Longer Feel Him And Only Feel Myself .

It’s Happy Easter Soon And Godspeed Jesus In My Life . Por Favor Dear God Shine Your Light Upon My Face And Get Those Voodoo Black Magic Graveyard Kids To Forget My Name And You Handle Them With Your Sword. My Golden Rainbow Sword Is Programmed On Automatic 24 To Cut Chords With Suckers At This Point And My Field Is Super Protected With Dove White And Golden Light .

So It’s Victory All The Way Because Uniting Heaven And Earth IS My Mission And I Will NOT Take F For Fail As An Option. With Or Without H.I.M and The Truth Is I Have The Midas Touch And I Can Morph A Smurf Into A King .

Time To Play, Jose .

Akkey . Cheers To Gaga, Dua Lipa, Selena And The Biebz Going Through Fuckery Now, The Kardashians And The Babies, All Nightcore Productions, All Subliminals *Except The Fuckers Who Put Fake Ass Messages In There To Defeat The Light, All Youtube Channels That Are Of The Light And All Light Workers (Slaves Or Not).

Namaste Gangstas And Watch Dat Resurrecting Fire Of God . Yeeeeehawwwww Easter Bunnies And Cinnamon Vanilla Sunshine Dreams In A Cup To The Worthy Ones. To All The Rest Ego Is TOAST. NO BUTTER.

Aurora. Mother Of New CReation.