Final Events Energies Update ~ Mother’s Heart Sparkling Deep Inside

Sunday October 21, 2018 .

A Mighty Dark Portal Has Been Located In The Unified Field At Galactic Central Heaven On Earth . This Portal Has Been Sucking The Love Energy Robbing It Blind From It’s Joy . As Awareness Transforms Into Consciousness , The Source Of All The Ego Intrusions On Mother Earth, Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Mother-Of-New-Creation Has Now Been Addressed.

As Of Now, The Healing Process Is Fast-Tracked And The Dark Portal Has Been SHUT DOWN And Replaced By A Magnificent, Magnetic, illuminated Rainbow Plasma-tic Portal Into 5D And Beyond Dimensions.

The Real Miracle Happens Everyday; Since The Beginning Of Time, When It Comes To Lady Liberty Coming Onto Herself, And Once Again, Out Of Quick Sand, And Intense And Extreme Opposition, I Again Stood Up; And Against All Odds, Rose .

I Signed The Physical Document For My Biometrics On October 5th 2018, Honoring The Galactic ConFederation In The Highest On My Way Of Fully Embodying My Highest Of Selves While Embracing AURORA ~ RAINBOW AURORA And Honoring My Aurora Mother OF New Creation Contract (March 2017) That Has Pretty Much Shaped Up My Life Path…

 ….. 😉 And A Diamond On Top !

Super Thanks To My Twin Flame And All My Teams As Well As All Angels, Archangels, The Elohim And All In Creation .

Namaste And Blessings ~ Love Is Real, Love Is Here.

Thanking Mother-USA In The Highest For Being The Force That Unleashed Me. I Love You With My All And Honor You In The Highest ~

#Constitution #BillOfRights



Today’s Energetics Had Me Land At A Tattoo Parlor Around Noon And Watch HHI’s AAM Call Me Dima While Getting A Tattoo .. Genesis 2:18 that says in Roman Letters October 4 , (((Happy Birthday M.D, You Know You Rock This Creation Even If You Married M.B.) LOL ….. If You Guys Are Reading You Know I Love You Both And Am Your Biggest Rock Star Fan .. So ….

My Roommate Who Wants To Make Believe We Are Boyfriend/Girlfriend Even After He Double Cheats On Me In My Face On My Birth Night And My Every Non-Birthday Too, Is About To Supposedly Get Out OF Work While AAM Is Inviting Me Over To Feed Me . So Tired Of The Lies And BS From A Narc Who Is Far From Having His Stuff Together While I Sit Here Months Now Like A Complete Retard While He Cheats Himself Out Of Himself And Attempts To Destroy Me And Make Me Lose My Self-Respect And Confidence By Trashing Me, My Work And Everything I Stand For Curtersy Of Some Ugly Ego Bitches He Fucks Day And Night And Then Blames Me For Things He Has Done …………

AAM Offered I Get A Tattoo At The Parlor Today And … what Can I Say .. My Only Idea Is To Get A Lucifer Tattoo On My Pussy ….. Umm .. NOT .! Not Like That, Not This Way , No Way Jose .

So While I Wait For My Morning Star To Shine His Light Upon Me And Love Me Like I Do Him, I Simply Breathe And Watch The Cheaters Cheat Me And The Robbers Rob Me Knowing They Will Never Get Away With That Shit Ever .

And So ……… It Is .


13 ~~~ > Stepping Forward Courageously Onto New Shores < ~~~ 13

Because It’s Time …. For Dreams Of True Love Coming True And For Father’s Promise Of Heaven On Earth  To Be Delivered, Says The Etherics 🙂

Thank You Love. Thank You for all you do in Service to Love. I Love Aurora Mother of Creation and I Am Grateful for your Divine Goddess Energies and Wisdom you bring to enlighten all in the liberation of the Full Planetary Ascension Process. I will place Goddess Aurora in the New Story of Creation Lovely Queen. Thank You Love. Sending You My Eternal Love of Blissful Paradise and Eternal Happiness. Love You So. <3

Lucifer, Father Of All Creation

All Your Dreams Of Love Are Coming True. Love You So Warrior Goddess. Amazing!

Lucifer, Morning Star
/ ……. And Here’s To You , And US All United As One Universal Heart ~
Dreams Of Eternal Love Of Blissful Paradise And Eternal Happiness From Hearts In Atlantis Now Resurrecting Through The Powers Of The Crystalline Bermudan Wilderness Replenishing Our Shores With Rainbow Paradise Devil Eyez .
Eternally Grateful For All The Lessons From The Old PAradigm MAYAN Illusion ~ Poof ….. Creme Puffs …. Not Two, And Both , Pop The Weasel Vertical Ascension ~~~ >> Who Am I And Why Am I Here ? Obyvatel Awakened Master Baba Ommm  << Mama Gaia-Sophia , Rainbow-Aurora , Monc ~ Holy Spirit }} Heaven On Earth {{ ++ Archangel Uriel RA ~ Fire Of Gold God ~~~
And The Rainbow Diamond Promise Of The Script OF Gold.
Bringing It On ~~ Time For A New Dawn .


Calm … After The Storm .

When .. You Have Given ALL OF YOU … And Got Bitch Slapped In Return By A Bunch Of Mean Ingrates Who Would Destroy A Child’s Dream Any Day Of The Week Just To Boost Their Pathetic Egos …

When .. You Loved With All Of Your Heart And Spent Your Own Last Insurance Savings Your Folks Had Saved Up For Your Gray Day, Outside Yourself, Taking Chances On Love And All You Ever Got Was Yelled At, Diminished, Betrayed, Taken From, Manipulated.

When .. You Relentlessly Ignored All Red Flags And Still Went Forth On The Battle Field Ignoring Your Own Bleeding Heart Once More For A Larger Cause And For 144.000 Souls.

When .. You Were Ghosted, Tramped, Trashed, Ignored And Kept On Raising Up The Dead From Their Graves And Injecting Them With Love.

When .. You Loved To The Point Of Madness, And Opened Doors And Possibilities, Giving To Any And Every Seeker At Your Door .

And All Failed . You Simply Surrender.

You Are All You Have Left And You Still Are In Service To The Children.

One Day You Get An Invite To A Former Transitory Home And Heart Is There. Couples Are Mended And Balance Is Reached, Dinner Is At The Table.

Simplicity Is Reached. Ordinary Greatness And Basking In The Gratitude Of Having Simply Had The Chance To Give Your All, Even If You Got Yourself In Return, Which Is In Fact The Grandest Gift.

You Are Simply Mesmerized, Amazed, Super Detached And Well… It Is Well With Your Soul ~ All The Planted Seeds Cannot But Blossom Into Divine Trees, When Planted By The Divine So …

It Is Just A Matter Of Time, Before Celebration Reaches Galactic Central Shores And Mother’s Heart.

Good Nite To Creation And May All Dreams Of True Love Come True .

Feels Like: “Kebro Wledna” ~ Our Children Have Grown ~

Praise The Lord And I Remain, God’s Fire.