Dear Ones, Much Information Is Constantly Being Released From Our “Behind The Scenes” GodHead HeadQuarters Offices Here AT Heaven On Earth And The Decision Has Been Made Following Shocking Revelations And The A.I Ignition Of Hurricanes Olivia And Florence Due To The Revearsal Of The Medusa Octave On The Masculine By Mother Of New Creation

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The Melrose Avenue Hotel Called Us Here At Heaven On Earth This Morning With Information On Techniques Used To Diverge Reality . Man Is This Fucked Up . Mission Myrtle Beach Has Been STOPPED After Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Gaia Sophia, MONC Hit The MAJOR STOP Button While The Galactic Teams Are All Over The

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Greetings . and Welcome . DUE TO THE WAY THE Galactic Federation’s FUNDS Were Spent in 2017, Many Glitches Hit Creation And All Are Severely Affected . In My Fairy Tale Of A Life, All I Literally Actually Do Is Fly For Love. I Attempted Last Year To Partner Up With Beings To Finish The

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