Yeeeeeeehawwwwwww ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Greetings To All In Creation This Is Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation Declaring V For Victory ~! Thanks To All In Creation, The Elohim, Archangels, Angels For All The Support In Eradicating Wrong Action From All Grids Interstellar ! It’s On ~ Silver Springs FLORIDA Sunshine State Of My Heart I Am […]

Special Message By Father Of All Creation ~ Greetings Heaven Bound Ones This Is Your Morning Star Claiming Back Mother Earth Into The Kingdom Of Heaven. Sending All Of My Love To Tabariyah Where I Uriel Underwent All The Sex Rituals For Humanity’s Liberation. The Time Has Come To UNITE All Lands And People. Mother

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Sunday October 21, 2018 . A Mighty Dark Portal Has Been Located In The Unified Field At Galactic Central Heaven On Earth . This Portal Has Been Sucking The Love Energy Robbing It Blind From It’s Joy . As Awareness Transforms Into Consciousness , The Source Of All The Ego Intrusions On Mother Earth, Holy

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Dear Ones, Much Information Is Constantly Being Released From Our “Behind The Scenes” GodHead HeadQuarters Offices Here AT Heaven On Earth And The Decision Has Been Made Following Shocking Revelations And The A.I Ignition Of Hurricanes Olivia And Florence Due To The Revearsal Of The Medusa Octave On The Masculine By Mother Of New Creation

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august 19 – 2018 . DIMAnche . Thanks to Saint Marie, And Saint Luke ……… The Grids Have All Been BUSTED And The Chauvinistic, Asshole, White Trash, Narcissistic, Projecting, Jealous, Powering-Over, Lying, Cheating, Annunaki Ego Programs For All Divine Masculines Global Has Been Eradicated At Source. We Repeat Once More: A Twin Flame Rapport Is

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