Get Your Upgrades Loves ! The Transcripts 2016, Then 2017 .. Both Hugely Advancing And Revolutionizing So Thanks To All ~ Transcript 2018 : TOTAL FREEDOM AND ABSOLUTION . Are You A ZERO WAVER ? Hit Us Up Galactic Central Welcoming You All Home Into The Light ~ Personally By Aurora Diamond Rainbow, Mother OF

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Greetings Love Beings ! Wow And A Yeeeeeehawwwwww ~ Beyond Amazing Energies At Galactic Central And On March 7, 2018 , Aurora Mother OF Creation Celebrated Her Year Anniversary In Service To God’s Galactic Federation By Signing Her Dancing Contract At Centerfold’s HHI ~ Celebrations Went Till 1:30 p.m , Hour At Which She Was

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End Of FEBRUARY 2018 ~ Leaves Us Totally Cleansed Inside And Out . We Are Grateful For All The Wonderful Growth, Miracles And Magical Synchronistic Events That We Have Been Blessed With …. Wonderful Journey And All That Needed To Be Shed Was Cleansed Away So Fast With Everyone’s True Colors Coming To Surface …

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Greetings Love Beings ~ We Are Rising In Christ And Establishing New Creation As It Is In Heaven So It Is On Earth ~ We Are Here, All In Service To Archea Rainbow Aurora, Mother OF New Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Sophia, To Bring Liberation To All Sentient Beings! In The Golden Era That Is Fast Approaching

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