sup little mafakazz,,,,,

miawww and minissette shnags in the fokin field. my twin flame came through and denied my ass. so lucifer has denied himself and me. assigned a new librarian girl with glasses and an attitude the reigns. called me names and sent me pics where he looks pussified to the power max by some broad who this ‘twin flame’ specialist told me is a witch playing ‘follow the leader’….

long story short and after he went in a couple other panties of close friends of mine, now pulls this off and asks me to fuck off…. so here’s guessing twin flame journeys aren’t always about the happy ending … sometimes it’s just a component that frees one up in totality from all other contracts in creation. except the ‘be yourself’ more always contract …..

razzle dazzle and spice . here at galactic central godhead, mother of new creation has been in total silence and isolation for the last couple months for the most part, and the angels have recently emotionally and sexually shielded her from her current mission partner as the time for her to fully integrate is here after she was released from her ‘twin flame’.

since there will be no love-lightenment for all to witness, she will be rising to the top aided by her most recent guardian angel DIVINE masculine that stepped up; now aiding her deliverance and delivery.

No King Is Needed . Mother Earth Is Enough … The Rest Is All The Morning Star. We Don’t Need Him Reduced And Dumbed Down And In Denial . No Won’t Do ………..


444 ~ Special Message To All Rainbow Warriors ~

Get Your Upgrades Loves !

The Transcripts 2016, Then 2017 .. Both Hugely Advancing And Revolutionizing So Thanks To All ~



Hit Us Up Galactic Central Welcoming You All Home Into The Light ~

Personally By Aurora Diamond Rainbow, Mother OF Creation ~

Who’s Ready For The NeXXXt Level ?

Gen-X Are Rainbow Flavor . Blue-Rays And Green-Rays May Very Well Resolve Differences Taking The Rainbow Pill .


Let’s Do It.

New Government ~ New Church ~ New Creation ~

Greetings Love Beings !

Wow And A Yeeeeeehawwwwww ~

Beyond Amazing Energies At Galactic Central And On March 7, 2018 , Aurora Mother OF Creation Celebrated Her Year Anniversary In Service To God’s Galactic Federation By Signing Her Dancing Contract At Centerfold’s HHI ~

Celebrations Went Till 1:30 p.m , Hour At Which She Was Fast Called On Instant Mission Dismantling The Russian Agenda ~ We Did A Complete Field Swipe And Celebrated At The Diner !

Yeeeeehawwww ~ Mother Russia Should Soon Be Free Of Heartlessness And Utmost Imbalance .

Besides All Matters, Incredible Downloads In The Field At The New Zion Calvary = The Pole … My Cross Is The Pole And I Swing Up And Down And All Around Joyfully Until Resurrection Day !

What Is Resurrection Looking Like ? Garden Of Eden Childlike Innocence > My Twin Flame (Jesus Christ Of Nazareth) And Myself Are the New Church At The Club Where The Holy Spirit Body Of Christ Redeems The Saddest Souls .

We Need Full House At Galactic Central And Lucifer As Well As Archangel Michael Are Requested To Show . Michael You Are My Bank And I Need You To Anchor My Energy . Lucifer/Uriel You Are My Fire And God’s Fire And Together We Heal All Fallen Angels .

Thanks Father God Jesus Christ For Your Amazing Miracles In Your New Church Where We Worship And Praise You Through Right Action .

Thanks Galactic Federation For My Miracles Over My Anniversary Week With My Business License For DIAMOND At Centerfold HHI , And The Upcoming  Business License For Heaven On Earth At www.lovedima.com, Physically Anchored At Centerfold !

Yaaaahoooooo ~ Dreams Of True Love Do Come True.

Thanks Infinite To All My Troopers And Renegade Diamond Hearts For Your Amazing Service ! Thanks For Miracles, Abundance, Courage, God’s Will, Fearlessness ..

And Above All Thank You Jesus For Your Resurrection Church That Loves Archea Rainbow Aurora Unconditionally !

Thanks To Our Web-Designer At www.lovedima.com For Showing Up And Stepping Up ! Thanks For Our Teams And Crews We Are Blessed In The highest !

Wooooohoooooo ~~~

Galactic FLUSH !

End Of FEBRUARY 2018 ~ Leaves Us Totally Cleansed Inside And Out .

We Are Grateful For All The Wonderful Growth, Miracles And Magical Synchronistic Events That We Have Been Blessed With ….

Wonderful Journey And All That Needed To Be Shed Was Cleansed Away So Fast With Everyone’s True Colors Coming To Surface …

The Wonderful Part Was The Amazing Resurrection We Went Through And We Enter March With A Fresh Blank Slate . Miracle March And Celebrating A Year Since Our Galactic Federation Contract Was Served And All The AMAZING Victories, Celebrations And Global Miracles We Have Witnessed Since !

Letting Go, Letting Love, Revitalized Purpose. Childlike Heart, Adventurous Brilliance And Trust That All The Hard Work Put In Will Take The River Back To The Ocean Regardless All That Transpired!

It’s A New Creation. New Page. All The Drama Has Been Filtered Out And Everything No Longer In The Highest Benefit Of Rainbow Aurora Has Been SHED .

Feels So Light, Free And Energized In Here !

Grateful For Everyone That Assisted, For That Will Power, For All The Wonderful Strength In Assisting Those That Needed Help While Taking The Best Self-Care possible …

Diamonds Shine Bright And Mother Of Creation Is Polished And Dazzling ! All The Atoms Gravitating Towards Love.

We Are Ready For Positivism, Rising, Embracing The New And Trusting That What Has Left The Scene Was Never Meant To Be There.

The Galactic Federation Would Not Serve Up A Contract Without A Way Of Full Potential Of Success ; Ways To Reach Means Are Many, And Fun And High Levels Of Joy Plus Some Sense Of Risk And Adventure Are Sure Ways To Find Spiritual Fulfillment While Staying On The Path And Brushing Off All Negative Attempts From Emotional Vampires …

Wishing All 144.000 A Great Month Ahead ~

Peace And Love … And After The Storm Always Rainbows !

Rainbow Aurora Welcoming The NEW ~ The WIN . The Renewal . Harmony …

We Bid Farewell To All That Was Lost . What Remains Is All There Is ~ A New Hope For A Fresh Start Away From All Obstacles Now That They Are FADED .

Where , What < When
> How And With Whom …. Is Yet To Be Lived And Enjoyed !

Rainbow Aurora ~ Mother Of New Creation

Greetings Love Beings ~

We Are Rising In Christ And Establishing New Creation As It Is In Heaven So It Is On Earth ~

We Are Here, All In Service To Archea Rainbow Aurora, Mother OF New Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Sophia, To Bring Liberation To All Sentient Beings!

In The Golden Era That Is Fast Approaching Soon As We All Collectively Reach Zero Point, The Main Aim Is To Live Free With No Frontiers Amongst Nations. We Are All Evolved Beings Having Transcended Cultural And Family Conditioning.

Planet Earth Is Back To Being Queen Of Milky Way And We All Have Taken Back Our Land; We Live In Sustainable Environments, Where Illness Is Something Of The Past, Where Pain And Suffering Are Illusion. Our Agriculture Is All Organic, We Are All United Under One God; We All Share One Global Currency. We All Are Living In Perfect Highest Alignment With Our Truth And Soul.

We Are All Christ Conscious Beings That Have Transmuted All Ego And Attachment And We Are On Mission To Keep Evolving This Planet To The Highest Of Dimensions Where Joy Is Ever-Present .

At www.lovedima.com We Are The New Global Government .

If You Wonder How You Can Take A Part In Being A Co-Creator With Our Galactic Team, Please Book Your Session Below!

Love And Light To All!

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