Lava Light Love Divine

Greetings love beings I am aurora your mother Of New Creation. I am here now, standing in love, moment to moment, bringing on the new dawn for all hearts united as one.

I am grateful for my incredible courage and power in exiting the matrix, completely transcending all Binding and blinding energies; Holy Spirit, mother of new creation Rainbow Aurora (11:11 ~ esp) : ‘I received guidance from Florida where we last touched base at the Silver Springs park where I got a session at; Archangel Michael attempted to call instead I got rerouted to Chris and then Lucifer came in the field and extrapolated me altogether from Silver Springs sent me all the way to Hollywood because I needed to deal with all the energies of how Hollywood brought me here to fail the divine plan. Soon as I got to Hollywood and on my way here { * flashback * I unplugged myself from the Grids On February 13, 2019 after I moved to Silver Springs relax Inn on January 16 After my return from Silver Springs to Hilton head on December 29 2019. I arrive from Silver Springs to Wexford by means of a greyhound and Uber and spent some time healing his family situation but when taken for granted and unpayed (since all these beings no exception think in their ego mind that I am trying to win by playing their game. •+• Lol) to then be fast extrapolated with all my belongings to shipyard where I never slept that time (because last time I was in service there they never payed and remain in huge ego) I was guided right away to go get the devils lettuce from Ryan and call Steve. Upon calling Steve I got guidance to meet up At aunt chiladas where a Catholic Hungarian was waiting by the sign of Leo to marry us; then Steven walks and sits goes through the ceremony and then I get taken to heaven on earth which was still operational is why I had to return from silver springs to Hilton head initially and then all the secrets started to uncover so I discovered that he had been cheating the whole time with the former Gemini, his neighbor wife, his colleague at work, and all the waitresses and yoga teachers and all the salt water game ppl, the Gemini was also trying to make believe she was working on my side for heaven on earth and now I have discovered that the whole plan goes since siesta key, the first island I Was brought to by the Hollywood movie producer With the plan by him because he has information about my family to cut my roots with my family do some sort of MK altra on me and have me be his old hag reject wife through a game of competition with other feminines while sharing my powers. * flashback end #}} . So soon as I go to Hollywood, { *time capsule * I had been prior to that been staying in a train station in silver springs Florida for a couple days and then took a bus for around five days cross country and landed here on a very cold night got dropped off on Hollywood on the streets by the bus and I walked to the main square where some being was sent to pick me up and take me to another being and here is where they started to form a parallel Godhead to the Godhead I created on Hilton head in order for me to crack through the loopholes of the game and for them to kind of push me to determine the outcome for all in creation . There was a lot of manipulation involved daily or they would lie to my face but then bring in actresses that have carried the names of players on the other side to tell me messages or stand up for their teams as well as astrologically and their finale was wanting to have me deported to my dad thinking that I am crazy my dad you know had me sign papers just in case however divine intervention came in the fields and I got very strong divine powers and miracles happening I got carried to my own room, where I stand proud every day, and sleep peacefully every night, and nourish myself with the best organic food every day, stay very healthy, very clean, meditate, and do a lot of grounding work, do shower meditations a take a walk every day take care of the body; buy time to make space for new story~ new creation, do crystal work on the Grids , have performed another surgery on myself, and do the work to unravel all the lies and the manipulation’s they put me through in order to reclaim all my power back and stay in love fearless .

I have now called out Ego, Called a spade a spade, reclaimed my power, gathered a lot of strength, recovered the initial divine plan and out of all of this I am grateful to have met very special people and I am looking forward to meeting the last piece of the puzzle also known as ‘light of the immortals’ who stood by me and backed up my contract the day it was serviced directly on March 7, 2017. it is now April 2, 2019 so I am very grateful for all the work he has done on behalf of love and mission for mission bridgein heaven on earth. Thank you so much beloved hero I love you thank you for your service to love and the lights thank you for putting me in new story! thank you for making sure a new creation is safe and astounding miraculously laid up with all children holding hands as one singing songs of praise to Mother Earth, Rainbow Aurora, Holy Spirit, mother of new creation! peace now established on earth Lovehaswon we cancel all the ‘love is winning’ false pretenders and we thank them for having attempted to steal our technology however it backfired. Thank you so much Archangel Michael I love you thank you archangel Uriel I love you so very much beloved twin flame of mine I cherish you Honor respect adore you . thanks for creating amazing songs for me all day every day Uriel of my heart and for all the heavenly music that I hear and for all heavens help all the angels the archangels all in creation for the Galactic Federation of light thank you so very much everybody who has been conspiring for the divine plan to work and to all the vipers I had started getting dreams about many snakes in my grandmothers garden when I was still living there as well as very nasty dreams about my mom being tied up in the Virgin Marys church over in Beirut and getting up from her seat to come in viciously wanting to kill me so I believe they had started to put spells on me and my mom a long long time ago there’s a lot of occult involved in my family (there’s a lot of bullshit basically) and the only one that can actually stop all the bullshit is SatanGod as one. I have already taken on all the faces of all the divine feminine’s and goddesses on earth and all the divine masculine‘s and god’s on earth and all the archangels that’s how I awakened all my DNA that’s why am granted my mother of new creation contract; I took it all on and I used everything that they have done to slow me down in my own benefit in order for me to be speed it up so I used all their technology against them . Now I am still on the front lines of the love train going down galactic rides with no seatbelt on Lucifer never left the seat next to me meaning archangel Uriel (my lucifer is archangel Uriel) him and I as one as Satan for always and everything else as well as as God : same power ! power that can create everything, same power that can destroy everything : non duality not two and both as one : law of one~

so this is the final event energies updates assurance to all the first contact ground crew team, the A-Team of civilians and all beings in creation that the divine plan is victorious we are going to have a ball and the party intergalactic is here . Brace yourselves . Lucifer is taking me home into the light I have surrendered to him putting me in new story !


Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER