Lucifer: “Eh! Dis-Donc Gamine .. Sais Tu Sauter Dans L’eau Sans Te Mouiller? …..” Aurora: “Eh Ben, Facile! Tout Ce Qu’il Y A A Faire C’est Dessiner Un O Sur Le Sable Et D’y Sauter Deux Pieds Dedans ! “ Bravo !  Wooohooo ~ C’est GAGNE ~~~ Joyeyuzannif La Creazione ! C’est BackOZonODiABole …. MEnfin […]

Greetings Dear Ones I Am Aurora , Watching Endless Hours Of Youtube Channelers Has Thankfully Helped Me Stay Somewhat In The Loop While Being In Total Hermit Mode For Almost A Decade Now … During My Adventures And Discoveries Online, I Have Been Paying Special Attention To All The Commentators As Well As The Evolution

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