28TuesdayJan 2014 ankles, anklets, bdsm, bondage, chains, Crossdressing, fantasy, feet, femdom, fiction, forced feminization, forcedsex, nails, naked, nudity, red nails, sci-fi, sex, shemale, sissification, sissy, slave, slavegirl, transgender [RECAP: Our hero’s spaceship has landed on an alien planet where he is stripped and captured by a beautiful and strong woman clad in very few clothes.] She led me for a few hours till we reached a river. In fact, it was the presence of water on this planet which […]

Cover my thoughts in gold I’m your flower watch me unfold My vulnerability, letting you consume me The parts of me the eyes can’t see They’re glowing underneath Picking off the petals I’ll let you if your gentle Hey Watch me unfold Watch me Hey He says that I’m glowing This kind of love we

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