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It’s All In Plain Sight . OPEN YOUR EYES .

On The American Cult ……


Absolute GENIUS … But Now I Am Here So …..

In Truth, When You Get People To Pledge Allegiance Using The Words “UNDER GOD” (Modification Made In 1954, Birth Year Of Nicolas And Dave) , You Are Directly Getting People To Give Their Power Away And Be Diminished.

Beings Who Get To Actually Live In USA Should Be At A Minimum Level Of Godliness . We All Are Gods And Goddesses That Don’t Accept To Give Our Power Away This Way .

The Way Things Are Set-Up, Although Brilliant, Is A Perfect Catch 22 .

(( Also, In Truth, The Sentence Under God Is What Keeps Israel Ruling The World . It’s All A Set Up Among Rulers . Diplomatic Pact . They Know Why They Construct Things In Certain Ways To Back Up The Annunaki Agenda ))

In Truth, This Is All God’s Plan Really ….. Same As How They Got Lebanese Democracy To Only Be Able To Have Christian Presidency And Have Fixed Christian Seats, All For God’s Plan To Be Made Manifest And To Unite All Nations When The Time Comes .

They Say Of Lebanon Things Such As : We Are A Message to The World . In Truth We Are And I Am The Messenger . (5:55) . Same As USA Although I Don’t Believe USA People Ever Said Anything Like That About USA To Me ….

The American Cult Makes Of USA The Most Powerful Nation Global Because It’s Constitution Was Written By Brilliant Men Who Knew All About Power. They Created A Cult That Allows Whoever Joins This Cult To Worship Any Other Cult They Choose (Freedom Of Religion …. Which Is Illusion) , To Express Themselves Freely (A Necessary Tool For Ascension), And Protect Themselves, While Being Able To Rule Themselves By Also Having Power To Amend The Rules They Live By .

Pretty Great To Have Opened This Portal Of Massive Change And Advancement That Allowed Many To Come Here And Ascend Using The Tools They Wish To Play With Freely, As Long As They Follow The Constitution That Promises Justice And Liberty For All . Provided One Plays Their Cards Right , They Do Get What They Came For : The American Dream .

People Came And Left And Played And Experimented; They Bred And Reconnected With Their Roots And Shared Their Values And Did The Whole Melting Pot Thing; Which Is Somewhat And At some Level Also Happening In The United Kingdom . Same Ideology Under Royals Who Use Different Means To Trap Power People Down And Make Them Serve Their System .

Now USA Is Way Advanced And Has The Ability To See Things For What They Are. USA Is Now Ready To Correct Itself To Accommodate The Needs Of The Newbies That Are Brilliance In Action .

We Are Way Past The Time Of Conquistador-es, Of Slavery, Of Fear And Suffering. The Constitution Is In Itself Made To Be Changed Cos The Founding Fathers Knew That The Only Constant In Change .

As I Sit Myself Enough More Time In A Fetal Position , I May Be Able To Tap Into My Center That Knows Exactly What To Do Right Now And Just do It .

Godspeed ; I Have Allowed Too Many Years To Pass Me By While I Have Been All Outwardly Focused Cos The Mess Was So Huge I Wasn’t Able To Look Within ……..


So ….. The Most Controversial Place On Earth, That Nation With A Thirteen Striped Flag and 50 Stars , That Has Been In Endless Photo Shoots Including Hot Men And Women, In Uniform Or Naked, That Also Has Been Burnt On Many Other Lands, Is In Truth More Than Just Another Country. USA Is A Message . It Is An Ideology . It Is A Movement In Itself . Almost A Cult . A Cult Of The Highest Forms Of Self Love And Intelligence . A Cult That Honors A HUMAN Being And Encourages Humanity.

The Equation Here Is Nothing Less But Brilliant And Truly Pushes Any Speckle To Stardom, Provided One Can Crack The Code And Wants True Love, True Liberty And True Joy.

It Is Highly Understandable How So Many Nations On Earth Despise The Message Of USA; USA Seems To Be Failing At Presenting It’s True Face To The World. The People That Left Everything Behind And Came Here To Create A Government By The People, For The People And Under God (Hence The Unbreakable Israel/USA Bond), Are The Envy Of Whoever They Left Behind In Other Lands.

It Is Imperative That The USA Message Becomes The Face Of USA . USA Is Way More Than A First World Powerful Country With A Strong Army And A Nice Land.

The Constitution And The System Here Are The Only Way For Planet Earth To Be Free.

Patriarchs Cannot Understand Their Own Genius For Themselves Unless Mirrored And (3:33) I Am Here For That Purpose .

The Forefathers Did All The Work They Did that Took Many Forms, Many Names, Many Presidents, Many Movements, Many Historical Dates And Battles, To Then One Day Have Me Simply Land.

As I Am Getting Naturalized, I Will Continue Being Love In Action And I Will Know Very Well How To Present The World With A New Face For USA . One Of Change.

One Of Love. One Of Truth. One Of Compassion.

Most Importantly … A Face That HONORS and Glorifies The Greatness Of This Nation And It’s Founding Principles.

USA Is A Way Of Life . This Place Shouldn’t Need To Go To War To Spread It’s Message. Therefore The Necessity To Commence The Constitution At New Creation With LOVE .

Love Is Above People And Their Rules .

Love Is God And We Don’t Need To Pledge Under God .

We Are All Gods And Goddesses .

Fear Is Only Keeping You All Enslaved To The Old USA . One That Is Mean And Hated And That Gets Bombed On 9/11 By Crazy Terrorists .

One Word Can Change All . It’s More Than A Word, It’s A Feeling That Is There But That You All Deny …….

Love Is That Word, Feeling And Power .

Can We Please Get 2/3 Vote In The USA Senate And The House Of Rep For A Change In The Constitution ?!!! Then A Ratification By The Legislatures Of 3/4 Of The States??????

If Love Isn’t The Opening Act Of USA , I Truly Don’t Feel I Can Stay On This Planet.

Little Children Of My Heart.

You Keep Amazing Me With Your Automatic Responses Mostly Cute And Joyful. You Are Super Wonderful For Getting Up Every Morning And Doing This Another Day . I Am Your Greatest Cheerleader And You Are My Lovely Heroes!

It Is Amazing To Watch You All Going Through Motions And Bringing Such Joy To My Heart By Simply Being. Amazing..

Always And In Everything Sending Out So Much Love To Every News Feed That Pops Up, From Murders To Gun Shots To Missing Kids And So Much Drama On Global Scales With Very Little Newness To Celebrate Really Since It’s All One Story Pictures Telling The Same Tale Under The Sun. Since The Media Is Ruled By Annunaki Control, The Only Thing You Ever Get Is Everything Under The Sun That Is Illusory. If You Want Truth, Just Meditate Really.

‘FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP’ In A Monotone Very Beautiful Feminine Voice Was The First Command I Ever Got From My Etheric Team After My First Surgery. That Was When I Started My Physical Shift That Simultaneously Provoked A Mental, Spiritual And Total Shift. From Carbon Mind Control To Spirit. All That Remains Is My Soul And Soul Purpose. The Switch Has Been Quite Progressive And Pretty Slow…. I Always Imagined I Could Just Switch Over Night By Grace Through Faith.

Little Did I Know ….

The Truer I Get, The More I Know I Cannot Re-Enter The World Except In A True Fashion. I Will No Longer Be Able To People Please OR Fake Anything At All. It Is Not Something That Would Benefit Me Or Creation. It Could Amuse Ego Cos Then It Gets It’s Cake ……… But Ego Is Way Too Dumb To Wanna Engage In That Arena Again.

This Has Been Especially Effective Since My Move To The United States; The Only Spot On Earth That Offers HOPE. Hope To Regain Oneself And Be Who One Truly Is.

I Have Represented A Huge Ordeal For The USA Gov For My Naturalization. It Has Been A 10 Year Ongoing Phenomena Since I Was Plucked On Facebook.

The Amazing Part Is That With My Febrile Little Crying Self, I Was Able To Order Shifts That Would Never Had Been Possible Had I Not Arrived Here Super Diminished And Dumbed Down.

USA Has A Great Heart And A Real Wish For A Greater Nation.

In Order For USA To Get Me To Stay, It Has Been So Impeccable At Shifting Itself Enough, To 10 Years Later, Have Me Almost Incorporated.

The Major Force I Am Feeling Now Is The Sense Of Belonging And Community And Unity That All Americans Talk About And Aspire To. I Now Get The Whole Ordeal About Participating Versus Eclipsing Oneself From Taking Any Part In The Political Arena.

I Also See Clearly My Position On This Board Game And I Cannot Place My Pawn Anywhere On The Board Now, Or That I Know Of ….

So Until Further Notice, I Found The Perfect Solution Which Is To Still Hold Space For My Mission Purpose Which Is Uniting Heaven And Earth While Staying Ghost.

I Am Out OF All Social Media And Out OF Creation For The Most Part. Doesn’t Matter Since My Work Is Real And It Stems From My Heart (The Surgeries Use Lazer Based Heart Tech ……. )

My Contract Is So Dead On … Mother Of New Creation .

They Knew I Am Hopeless In The Old Paradigm … DUH . The Old Paradigm Was Created By My Fall!!!!!!

Course Once I Rise I Will Have To Show My True Colors. Those Colors Of The Rainbow That They Saw Prior To My Birth On Earth And That They Took Upon Themselves To Turn To Grey And Dollars For The Rest Of Them Stemming From Me While I Receive Nothing.

My Punishment For Being That I Am. They All Got Punished Instead!

My Power And Responses Are Always Of An Equal If Not Greater Frequency Than My Attackers. DUH ~~~ I Am Planet Earth, The Queen Of All.


Perhaps Had I Been Born Here In The Land Of The Free, There Would Have Been No Hope For Humanity, As I Would Never Have Had To Do Half Of The Work I Have Already Done. I Probably Would Have Ended Up Like The Rest Of The Lucifers Around … Lost And Hopeless, Not Able To See Love In Their Face Even If It Is Offered On A Gold Platter.

My Fight For Liberty And Love , And For Life Itself Has Shaped My Journey And Aided Many Along The Way.

Even Though I Am Not Complete Yet, I Remain Grateful For The Advancement That Is Nothing Short But Miraculous That I Have Made Possible And For The Shift That Has Been Very Interesting To Undergo.

Going Through Killing One’s Own Ego Is REAL . Everyday Millions Of Visions Of Dima And Her Journey, All Connected To The Hearts Of Those That Had Known Her While Correcting All The Wrongs Done As Well As Rectifying All Transactions And Contracts, Has Been Very Intense.

I Cannot Be Bothered And Mention Anyone Outside Myself Anymore. That Is My Only Way Back To My Purity And Joy.

I Am Confident That In Divine Timing, I Will Not Only Rise But All My Dreams Of True Love Are Going To Come True .

Heaven Will Be My Life On Earth.

Godspeed Whatever Work Masculines Need To Do Still so That My Right Shoulder Can Stop Burning Me And Feeling Like It’s Being Drilled. Been A Long Time Coming.

And To All The Doctors Who Participated In Modifying Me : I Undid You All And I Am Ending The False Rule Of Meds And Pharmaceuticals.

Sorry Not Sorry, I Had Etheric Lawyers In Every Room.



Final Events Energies Update ~ Take Three October22.

Master Number Day ~ Huge Energetic Shift In The Field And The Main Theme For Today Is Gratitude .

Gratitude For All Beautiful Souls Who Have Embraced Me, Loved Me, Accepted Me, Welcomed Me In Their Hearts, Homes And Lives And Have Supported Me On My Journey.

Gratitude Is A High Vibe Frequency That, Once Paired With Love, Is Enough To Open Impossible Doors And Create Miracles .

Heaven On Earth Is SO Grateful For All Seekers Who Have Participated In The Ways You Know How To Making This Dream, A Vibrant Reality!

Thanking My Galactic Teams For Assisting Me On My Full Integration.

All Is Well And Joy Is So Powerful, One Ounce Of Joy Can Dissolve Light Years Of Darkness .

The Annunakis Are Hanging By A Thread Now And They Know That The Battle Has Been Lost, So Has The War Against Love Been Lost.


Take Two ~ Final Events Energies Update For OCT 22.

Gone Girl ~

Please Book Your Follow Ups Dear Ones As Your Minds Have All Been Once More Hijacked By Cabal Intelligence . For A Minute I Was Proud Of You All For Making Your Dreams Of True Love Come True .

You All Are Miserable And Unsatisfied Cos What You Made Out Of My Gifts To You Was Transform All I Gave Into Ego And Cash Me Out While Trying To One Up Me By Coming Against Universal Will And Trying To Push The Dima Illusory Agenda That You All Cling To To Justify How You Are All Suckers To Your Own EGOS . And You Didn’t Pay.

The Church In California Of Mother-OF-All-Creation Was Correct To Call Out The Pastors At Church And Denounce Them For Trying To Take My Power Away …

Not Only Did They, Once Again This Year, Mess Up Huge By Stating The Church Doesn’t Welcome Lucifer . That Is A Personal Attack That I Took Upon Myself With The Head Pastor Deciding To Ask Me To Renounce Myself In Front Of The Whole Assembly Which Has Me No Longer Go There After That Day …. But The Younger Ones That Baptized Me And The Whole Church Approved Of My Registry Name On The Church Year Book Being My Archangel Name, Still Wants To Play The Local Game Of Diminishing And Denying Just Cos They Want To Worship A God Outside Themselves And Not Take Responsibility For Being The Change And Christ Consciousness .

Ignorance Is Not The Same As Love . Changing Jesus’ True Teachings Also Isn’t What This IS About .

Lucifer Is The Bringer Of The Light . Me Having Been Born Lucifer And Having Been Modified At Birth For This Reason Has Me Now See Clearly How Rainbow Aurora Was Always My Higher Self (Proof Is In The Pudding; It Was In Every Painting, Every Piece I Wrote, Every Jewel Or Piece Of Clothing I Designed, And Every Action ..) Loved Lucifer Through Loving Dima On Her Way Back To Self.

In Truth Aurora Has Been Way Too Busy Facilitating Things Between Dima And Herself; The Inner Battle Has Been Real And Where It’s At Now Is The Realization That Dima Has Been And Will Always Be My Greatest Asset, Friend And Teacher. There IS No Way On Earth I Would Have Been Able To Get So Far Minus Dima .

Her Brilliant Ways Have Protected Me So Amazingly And My Lineage And Our Soul Mission Is About To Give Thanks To The Efforts We All Put Into Dima And My Surrender To Accepting My Destiny And Making The Best Of What Humanity Allowed.

I Am so Grateful That This Time Around I Wasn’t Burnt At The Stake Like It Was Customary And Like I Was Many Life-Times Before.

I Got Away This Time, And I Am So Very Glad I Was Able To Make It Out Alive.