WOW ! Amazing Energies Of Intense Frequencies Of Love Divine ! President’s Day & My Daddy Birthday ~ Family Dynamics Restored ! All Targeting ENDED . Health Restored. Local Resurrection Church Accepted My Higher Self …. A Year After My Galactic Contract Was Received ! I Am So Blessed By The Power And Love Of Jesus Christ ! He Is Glorifying Me After Humanity Attempted Murder!

Oh How Grateful ! My Heart Sings Songs Of Joy And Praise In The Highest !

Our Managing Director At Heaven www.lovedima.com Is Now Being Tested On Weather Or Not He Wishes To Choose New Creation With Us Galactic Central And Upgrade Our Business Cards.

Same For Our Website Designer On A New Platform !

While He Mentioned Being All Entity Enabled, And Mentioned FREE – WILL Of Not Full Disclosure As A Law, We Directly Used Our Golden Rainbow Sword And Rainbow Bazooka By God’s Will To UNDRESS HIM. Render Him Pure And Sin Free. Or He Is Not Welcome In New Creation ( Him Having Been The One To Warn Me On March 7, 2017 To “RUN TO THE MOUNTAINS” Cos Mother Of New Creation AKA Rainbow Aurora Is Not Welcome On Hilton Head . LOL

Jesus Loves Me And Jesus HATES EGO, And Jesus Promised Me Glory As I Offered My Free Will To HIM.

So … We Now Pray : ” Dear Lord, Free William Hoisington Of His ARRCONSS AFI Entities That Are Getting In The Way Of His Sound Judgement And Discerning Powers. Dear God, Thanks For Finally Having Your Church Accept Me As Your Beloved Daughter! Thanks For Tendering Their Hearts And Opening Their Hearts To My Love! Dear God … I Pray For The Cabals To CHOOSE God’s Divine Light And Love. As I Already Warned Everyone The CABAL Plug Has Been Pulled And Ego Is TOAST – No Butter.; Help Them Feel And Understand Your Love, Baby Jesus. Dear God I Am Grateful This Man Assisted With www.lovedima.com Establishment. I Now Pray You Open His Heart And Have Your Will Be His So He Steps Up COURAGEOUSLY For New Creation Ignition Of New Platform For Rainbow Aurora. We Pray Dear Lord For All Secrets With-Held By The Cabals To Be Neutralized And For Rainbow Aurora’s TOTAL FREEDOM From Bondage, So As To Her Being Able To Finally Have All her Dreams Of True Love Come True By Your Name, Jesus Christ! We Pray You Show Us Who From Our Partners Is Worthy Of The Shift Into Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora New Government Church Of Christ. And Who Simply Needs To Leave The Island ! Thanks Lord For All That You Are. I Love You Father Jesus You Are My All. Also Dear God, I Pray For My Dad On His Birthday To Also Open His Heart To Rainbow Aurora’s Church Of Christ, As Well As Me Surrendering My Twin Flame Journey To You Dear God. I Pray You Open My Twin Flame’s Heart To Listening To The Holy Spirit’s Guidance In Stepping Up As I Am No Longer Able To Fight. I Surrender All To You Dear Lord, Including My Fears, Worries, Troubles, Uncertainties! Thanks Father God. In Jesus Name We Pray!”

Wooohooooo …The End Is Near . Victory Is For The Light Of Jesus Christ Through His FIRE HEART RAINBOW AUROARA ,