THIRTEEN ~ 13 ^ It’s On ~ Ya Can’t Figure Me Out. LOL // I’m Yo MAMA MFKR$. POW

Sippi-Sip Of My Milky Way. Yar Welkum !

Vitamin RAinbow Sky ~ Heaven Divine.

Tantric Turmeric

13th Day Of My Quasi-Total Fast ~ Snow All Over Hilton-Heart Island . Fascinating.

Paris Hilton Is Engaged. Gigi Gorg And Zain Breakin’ Up.

Distilled Agua . YUM .Komucha A Gogo.

Got A Kick-Starter And A Gimme A Beet Hahahaha! + WheatGRass Shot With Gingerus ! Fun!

Amazeballs hhahahaah ! Who’s Comin’ To See Me On HH > ??

Hahaha! Pps Are Snowboarding On The Ocean Snow !

Amazing !

Hi Luci-Love ~ Cash Is Our Way To The Stars Blue Bear !

Angeles Be Bringin’ ITTT on!

Bath Time ! WOW

Oh I’d So Swim In That Ocean To Your Shores. Daddy.

Cum What May !

You Galacticos Know Bettah ~

Oh . Some Being Pmed Me On Dis ~ CASH . Lalaland@MilkywayAurora.RAinbow

I’ll Dance For You BAby. Wanna Watch ? Ask My Twin . He’s Fascinated Wid Me. HA

She transgendurUx / Like Me Me Me . She’s On. Got It Goin’ On/ Zain Gots To Fly Back To The YouuuKayyyy . HA. Not If Luci And I Blow The Field. He Won’t Feel Like A Zombax In USA No Moah. Promise Ya. Z Bear.

Hi Hilton Girl. Let’s Hit IT Off ! Luci N I Luv Ya. Will U Deejay For Us At Our Intergalactux ~ Let’s Have Sum Fun. Dis Beat Is Sick.

ta ta ta ta ra .

Luci Still Has A Grade To Make 🙂

Good Luck Baby. I Am Here To Assist . You Can Do Dis. I Believe In You.