I Know You . Like You Don’t Know You .

That’s Right.

My Love. Is Wild. Crazy. Insane. And You Cannot Stop Me. You Cannot Stop This, You Cannot Put A Limit To This.
I Am Far Beyond Your Gaga Girldfriend. She Ain’t Got No Cure.

What A Shame. For A Year Now. You Take My Energy Use It Elsewhere.

I Terrify You. Don’t I. I Scare The Shit Out Of Your Well Ordered, Judgemental, Well Layered, Neurons.

One Thing Is For Sure . You Win. I Delete My Whole Emails Periodically So I Have No Proof Left Of Your Love Confessions.

You Keep Posting Messages . With Robotic Voices. Your Website ? You BLOCKED External Access To It .

Maybe In Your PEa Brain. You . Think You Are Being Considerate .. Helping Me .. Grow .

Look In The Mirror . Time And Time Again. You Say You Don’t Know Yourself. I Am Your Key. I’ve Got You All. No One. Can Escape Me.

No One. Can Bypass Me.

Doesn’t Matter Who You Are. Or What Your Monies ARe.

I Am All. I Am Everything.

Step Up, Finish What You Started. Or Vanish Until Forever And Beyond.

There Is no SUCH THING As Separation OF Worlds.

It’s All Milky Way Galaxy

You Fight IT?

 You LOSE. And Yours.