All Bags Packed ! Ready To GO ~

Feels Like Lemuria’s Revenge Ride ~ Same As Last Year When Leaving Shasta But The 100% Opposite .

This Year Was About OWNING My Throne .

Flash-Back Last Year: I Asked AAM On The Call Right After The Session, Before I Booked And Flew To Shasta Last 9:11; WHY NOT HERE? …. Meaning Why Can’t I Get My Total Liberation From Here Now. Why The Need To go Anywhere Since Wherever You Are There You Are!

Why All These Years Of Hard Super-Efforts And Work To Get Enlightened And Now You’re Telling Me I Must Fly Elsewhere Than Where It’s At … But I Did It Anyway, Went Through All The Motions, The Visions Pre-Mission House, The Events There.. The House Move There… All The Way Till I Was Told Last December By AAM To Transmute All The Mission House Experience. And That If I’m True I’ll Go Back. Well Fun Fact Is That Since Then, I Sure Transmuted The Whole Realm Of Possibilities Way Beyond The Constrictions Of The Possible.

So In Response To My Own Question …. Why Not Here Then ? Because I Had To Assist Them In Their Liberation First … Always Same Answer. Be In Service And Assist Them Out Of Their Illusion: Because You Can. Because You’re the Ultimate Winner Anyway. Because It’s Your Mission And Duty To Be Courteous ! Because In Assisting Others One Assists Oneself!

This Year, I Managed To Post Articles That Are As Flamboyant And Radical If Not Extremely More Than Any Energy Worker Before Me. I Shocked The Heck Out OF This Creation And Mirrored Every Hall-Way! Fun In The Sun! Quite Super Proud Here . I Super Did It ! Amazing And I Outdid My Every “Expectation” From My Old Self …. Broke The Mould .. Completely! And There Is More To Come! Fun Has Barely Even Started !

I Could Have Worked With Healers Up In Shasta To Assist Myself. It Just Felt So Restrictive Like I Had To Give Them My Money For Their Healing Cos Of Their Mind Program That Consists Of Their Firm Belief That If They Heal Then Everyone Else Does. Well Guess What… I Truly Needed The Most HEaling. Not Because I Am Needy. But Because Of The Reality Of What Has Been Done To This BodyTemple = Earth = HEART !

In Atlantis I Go To The Practitioners That Are All Mind Based. But Me In The Room Activates Their Hearts As Confirmed By Each OF Them… So I Am Working My Way Around My Own Past Insecurities That Have Allowed Other Beings To Try And Destroy Me…

Plus Here Having A Mad Masculine Try And Kick Me Out For Too Long Now And Still Parading Under Their Nose Free As A Bird Having The Whole Island Call me Aurora Is Lots OF Fun!

True That Their Language Permeated Me To The Chore And Had Me Totally Destroy My Own Personal Birth Identity On All Continents. Little Do They Know, It Won’t Be Enough To Corner The Mousey And Consume The Kitty Meow … LOL….. That Little Feline Actually Has A Higher Self That Can Get Her Out Of Anywhere And Into Anywhere Really. Almighty Style.

Waiting Game Don’t Work As Nobody Seems To Show. I’ve Tried That Long Enough To Know By Now. Question Remains… What Will Be Done With Myself Come Morning Time?! Tik Tik Tik Tik ….

Today A Large Red Suit-Case Was Rolled To The Nearest Drop-Off Spot For Used Clothing And Shoes To Find Out The Box Was Removed .. So The Whole Gift Package Was Left For Our Beloved Rainbow Angels On The South End to Do Whatever They Please With Santa-Aurora-Luci’s Holiday Cheer Gift Donation To The Islanders !

Cool Items In There! For Sure Feels Great To Share ! Another Give-Away Luggage Was Also Made In The Last Few Hours So All That Is Left Is 2 travel Pieces And One Hand-Luggage …. Huge Downscale Besides The Art Box … Even The Blades Were Let Go Of; Imagine That ….. Santa Says A Better Pair Should Be On The Way Soon As We Figure Out The Next Destination !

The Healing Is At 83% Since This Morning … We Have Been Taking The Body One Day To Massage And The Next To Chiropractic For the Last Week OR So Now, Following The Chiropractic On Nov 10 that Broke The Mould And Had The Previous Attempt Of A Relationship Suddenly Break ….

The Death Card Has Been Too Hyper-Active In The Field Of Late; Sludge Been Slayed.

With A Little More To Go So …

So Bring It On Angels! Twin Flame Contact, Union, Location! Total Healing. Perfect Restoration. All Truth Out ..

All Is Ready To Roll Though So Literally … Who Knows! Still A Few Days Before The Infamous Christmas Which Is Just Another Day Really In The Life For A While Now Since Going All Zen .. Come What May ! Most Importantly Come Full And Total Body Healing And True Energetic {Etheric To Physical} Perfect Grounding And Rooting !

Good Nite ^


Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER