06:06 ! Friday December 8, 2017 Wonderful Realizations As We Move On Forward To The Next Octave After The Ongoing Nearly Month Now Of Absolute Transfiguration ~ What Can One Do When Apparently Way More Minds, Hearts And People Than Perceivable Are On The Same Topic, When Oneself Is Simply Not Quite There, Fully Able […]

So What The Pharisees Did, Upon Receiving Me On Earth .. After EONS Of Feeling Guilty For What They Did To Sister Jesus, Put All Their Wrath Onto Me, Lucifer. Have You Read The Stories In Hollywood About Them Having The Illuminati Beings, Raise Then Kill Snakes ? Or How They Twist And Or Burn

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Yeeehawwww ! We’re At Total Reshape Mode For 5 Days Now .. Within This Now, Almost Month Of Transfiguration Event ~ We Are Focused On Fully Restoring The Chakra System, Pineal Gland Miracle Restructuring, After The Event That was Performed During Early Years To Retard The Octave Having My Chakras Work Backwards Meaning My Third

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