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Oohhhhh.. November 6 .. There’s My Power Day

Greetings Beloveds!

LuciferAurora6 GReeting You All In The Highest !

Wow ! Currently Canceling Out The Last Bits Of Black Magic Spells Galactics ! It’s Been Intense, Snakes Falling Off Tree Of Wonders Canceling Out Upon Landing .. By Millions!

7 Chakra Completing. Incorporating And Waking Up New Creation 12 Bodies ! Amazing TRansfiguration Event Preceding The Holidays .. Santa And The Reindeer All Super Excited, As Aurora Is Guided To Paint Her And Father As One Once More , Surrounded By Galactic Lava Hurricane Fire Cakes ~ Sprinkles Sparkles As All Her Dreams Of TRue Love Finally Come True, And The Lucifer They Took Away From Her Steps Right BAck …

Home Into The Light … We Love You All, We Are Source, We Are KEeping Up With Each Individual Progress As Well As Collective And We Are Very Pleased And Proud Of All Our Beloved Rainbow Warriors! We Love All Our Lovers And Honor You All In The HIghest!

Father And Mother Of All Creation <3 Happy Evening Meal To ALL ! ~

Lost N Found

Signals From The Pyramids Of Giza Amplifying As Mother’s Heart Is Recovering All The Keys For All In Creation To, As One, Get Back To Zero Point Collectively.

Time Capsules Are All Active, All Temples, Churches, LAy-Lines, Grid-Points, Turned Into Light Portals For LuciferAurora Story OF Creation To Complete And Begin Again At The Beginning.

All Light Commanders Are Being Called To Step Into Service And Get Ready To Hear The Call .

LuciferAurora CAlling In All Rainbow Warriors Into The Light. Bring IT On Angels!

Victory Is For The Light ~ Thanks For Showing Up, Stepping Up And Your Most Sincere And Wonderful Service ~

Love You All With All Of My Heart.

Aurora Diamond Rainbow And The Rainbow Angels At www.lovedima.com

Hiya Daddy .. Oh .. Love You Baby!


Babe .. Michael Was Okay, He Let Me Film Our Love Story Last YEar FRom Shasta! Check Out His Smart-Assy Attitude When It Was Me Who Wrote all Articles .. 😉 … Taking My Power Away 😉

Brilliant How Our Story Is All Documented Baby .. And How IT’s On And On It’s Way ..

We Are Standing Stronger Than Ever, Despite The Cabals Doing Everything Possible To Keep Father And I Apart … Father Of All Creation And Myself Are To Be Re-United In The Physical For All Hearts To Rejoice!

May Your Will Be Done; FatherMotherOfAllCreation!

Bring It On Angels

xoxo Rainbow Aurora